Eggs Protein

12 Protein Rich Food

Protein are the one of the few building blocks of the body tissue which is the fuel for our body to function. The most important Characteristics of protein is its Amino Acid composition. Let us know more about protein rich foods.

There are 9 amino Acids which is important for the human well being.

Dietary sources of protein includes both animals and plants: protein in form of meat,fish, eggs and diary products as well as plant protein like legumes , grains and nuts.

Protein is needed in the growth and maintenance of the body. Let us look at the list of 20 delicious foods that are high in protein.

Note :However ,Whey Protein Supplements will not be added in this list.

12 Delicious high protein food to Eat

Eggs : Most importantly Eggs are the cheapest and the healthiest and nutritious food on the earth. Eggs are loaded with good vitamins, minerals and healthy fats. The egg whites are the most pure protein part of the whole eggs, White are low in cholesterol and are also low in fat.

Eggs Protein
Eggs Protein

Chicken breast :Chicken breast is a major protein booster, but it should be consumed without skin. Intake of Chicken has benefits for all age groups and provides protein and calorie need.

Milk : Milk is extremely nutritious and very good source of protein. Milk contains a little bit of almost all the good nutrients.It is so beneficial that even the Whey protein is derived from the milk. IT also contains valuable Cacium which helps to keep the teeth and bones strong.

Fiber Rich Breakfast
Fiber Rich Breakfast

Oats : Oats comes in the form of grains ,more importantly they are among the healthiest grains on our planet and are highly loaded with healthy fibers, magnesium and several other rich nutrients. Talking about fiber , oats are a good source of soluble fiber and helps in improving the digestion.


Fish : Fish is a very good source source of protein , and is low in  fats and calories. Fish contains a decent amount of Omega3 Fatty acids ( omega 3 helps in reducing inflammation and helps in treating joint pains and also helps in Skin Health.

Tuna and Salmon fish are extremely popular type of fishes.

Tofu : Tofu is an alternative for Meat and contains all eight essential amino acids . it is used in a various Indian dishes. Tofu helps in reducing bad cholesterol and promoting good cholesterol. it takes the flavour of the food its cooked with.

Lentils : Lentils are a type of legume, which are high in fiber , magnesium , potassium, iron and various other nutirents. Mostly they are one of the best sources of plant based protein rich foods, an excellent choice for vegans and vegetarians.However, Lentils also contains folic acid which is very good during woman pregnancy , helps in eliminating the chances of early delivery by 50 percent and also reduces the risk of birth defect in newborns.

sliced bananaa

Banana :one of the energy booster which I often consume , a very good source of potassium , they help in lowering the blood pressure. Generally as the fiber content is more in Banana , It helps in the prevention of heart diseases and diabetes.

One large banana contains 1.5 grams of protein.

Some people prefer mixing banana with their protein shake too.

Avocado : One Avocado contains 4 grams of protein . IT has some essential nutrients like Folate which is good during pregnancy. In addition to that it reduces the risk of Miscarriages and ensures a Healthy delivery. The nutrients present in the Avocado improve circulation and delivery of nutrients to the Brain.However It also helps in improving Heart Health Too.

Steak : Steak is rich in Amino Acids which help in Muscle growth. However The Amino Acid prevents numerous muscle-wasting Diseases. Amino Acid content reduces the Blood pressure and strengthens the connective tissue. A serving of Beef contains 24 grams of proteins.

Peas_ AbsAvenue
Peas_ AbsAvenue

Sprouts :  One Cup of sprout has 3 -4 grams of protein. Its Loaded with vitamins , minerals ,fiber and proteins. It’s a very healthy habit to consume the sprouts. Athletes also prefer to consume sprouts. They are extremely rich in organic compounds which have anticancer properties. One can add sprouts with salad as well.

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Greek Yogurt : Greek Yogurt is a very thick type of Yogurt.  It tastes Good and has a creamy texture.  Generally one should only make sure that they are consuming the non- Fat Greek yogurt and without added sugar content.

A cup of Greek yogurt contains 14 grams of protein. Eating it after meals is an awesome choice.

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