Bodybuilding Diet Abs avenue

Bodybuilding Diet Meal Breakup

Bodybuilding diet , we are looking for a perfect body, loose fat and stay healthy then we will have to follow a specific diet too. The following diet gives it all , Calories , carbs , protein and fat that’s required each day .

However during following the below mentioned diet you need to keep in mind the following points to maintain it effectively.

  1. Give preference to lean protein
  2. Eat five to six times a Day
  3. Limit processed food
  4. Stay well hydrated all day
  5. Don’t ignore carbs , they are also an important part of muscle building.

Daily meal plan to follow :

  • Meal 1 :: Raspberries , almond , egg white (omega 3) ,yogurt
  • Meal 2 : smoothie/ protein shake , coconut milk , cherries.

    Bodybuilding Diet Abs avenue
    Bodybuilding Diet Abs avenue
  • Meal 3: lettuce burger , red meat( 8 oz.) , Green Beans 3 cups .
  • Meal 4(Post workout meal) : protein bar or recovery shake .
  • Meal 5 : Spinach salad And brown rice( ¼) , shrimp .

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