Bodybuilding myths and the truth behind them

Remember how different people tell you different bodybuilding myths which really sounds to be true. Well some of them are exceptionally true. But it’s always better to know the logic behind these bodybuilding myths.
Most common myths people say,”Don’t lift early at a young age, Don’t eat carbs before sleeping. You cannot build muscles with veggies…. The myths go on and on and on“…. Let take a step further and look at more details.

Let’s start with a bunch of myths.

  •  “Lifting heavy stops height growth”: A lot many people believe that lifting weights will decrease the growth of a teenager who is practicing lifting.

Actually lifting weights stunts growth likely originated from the fact that if injury is caused to the growth plates in the immature bones then it can stun growth.

Lifting Heavy
Lifting Heavy

That doesn’t stop there; lifting has many advantages over the disadvantages. But a teenager should always prefer to lift under the guidance and observation of a professional.

IT doesn’t happen overnight that you start lifting heavy it is very important to start with low weights and increase it gradually.

  • “No carbs for dinner before sleep” This is true , carbs are important for increasing performance in gym or ant any sport. They are part of the fuel which our body needs but intake of carbs and sleeping will increase in the fat storage.

    Diet Matters
    Diet Matters
  • “Going on a sea food diet”  : Eating chicken breast or too much or red meat is too bad way to boost muscle growth. Once or 2 times a day is fair enough.

It is important to consume a balanced diet and eat food to complete your micro nutrients need. Adding fish instead of chicken is beneficial. Fish is rich in omega and keratin which is essential for your bodies.

  • “You cannot build muscles with veggies” : There is a common myth that is going around the market , that eating veggies will never aid in making muscles.

So most of the people think that they should be non vegetarian to build muscles and vegetarians cannot build muscles.

Vegetables are filled with slow-digestion carbs , minerals and vitamins which help in building the muscles. Most of the people falsely believe that vegetarians cannot build muscles.

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According to Fitness experts it is a myth that muscles of the body responds better to animal-based protein. But the truth is , plant based proteins have the same effect. Proteins are made up of amino acids and plant proteins have most of the amino acids . to get all kinds of amino acids , a person needs to consume different kinds of plants.

  • “Its Important to consume high amount of protein shake immediately after a workout for muscle repair”

You can actually intake protein at any time of the day, irrespective of when you workout .
The belief that post workout hours needs to definitely include protein is a complet myth.
For a average person , maintaing a balance diet is enough to promote muscle repair. A study confirmed that there was no significant increase in the muscular content if protein is taken just after workout. Muscle mass gain is same for people who takes proteins after workout and those who consume protein throughout the day.
Protein content required : 1.4 -2.0 grams of protein per kilogram.

  • “You can eat anything if you workout daily ” : a balanced diet is important for a gym goes , he/ she simply cannot eat anything.

Some people have a misunderstanding that , if they workout every single day , they can eat anything. One of the misconception which causes that is some( mostly people ) believe that if you can burn all the calories you consume , then you will remain fit.

Processed food should be avoided during six pack abs journey.
Avoid Eating Processed Food during six packs abs journey

Haha  that’s not the case , exercise and diet goes hand in hand. Both are must for a good body. Bodybuilding food is good choice follow. For vegans , do check out this diet food : .
Fact is “Fat is not the enemy,extra calories are the real enemy”

  • “The longer the workout , is the key ”

People spend a lot of time in gym, they think that the longer the workout the the more bigger and stronger they will become .But studies have shown that shorter and the high intensity one are the more effective one . It puts the body through high-intensity workout and gives it more time to recover.

Proper nutrition , proper recovery and smart training are the key to success.

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