Calories and How much to consume for weight loss

What are calories?

Calorie is a Unit of Energy and  used in Nutrition. Measured in 2 ways ,

  1. Gram Calorie, and
  2. Kilo Calorie

Scientifically, the definition of Calorie is a bit complex to understand.

In Simple words , Calories are used to measure the Energy content present in Different foods and beverages (or) Energy usage through a physical activity.


The amounts of Calories taken in the form of foods/Beverages are counted in Calorie Intake, while the amount of Energy used during a physical activity are called as Calorie Burned.

Every one of us require a different amount of energy depending on the activity we are involved in, Our age and Size, Current Weight, Metabolism, overall general health and Several others.

This might pop a Question in your mind,

“How much calories does the body actually need to be healthy?”

Calories play a very crucial role in weight gain and weight loss, even if you want to maintain your weight in a particular Range then also, Calorie consumption plays an important role.

Now coming to the Question:

How many calories does your body need?

Average man needs 2200 -2800 calories to maintain his weight, where as a woman needs to eat about 1800 -2400 calories per day to maintain her weight.

2 options to Drop Your Weigh

You can either reduce the Calorie intake by 500 and Drop at a rate of one pound weight per week,                                                                                


You can increase Calorie burning by 500 Calories per day to reduce one Pound of weight per week.

For the sake of Survival , The Body Doesn’t need Many calories , lower calories to the body means lower metabolism , lower immunity , lower Efficiency and poor functioning of   the body.

Count the Calories you consume
Count the Calories you consume

The Calories Consumed will be just enough for the survival. You have to do some lifestyle changes to benefit your body. Keeping the Calorie intake in mind doesn’t mean that you starve yourself.

Here are some tips which help in cutting the less useful Calories and Lets you focus on more healthy habits.

Follow a Workout routine regularly, why would I say this? There is a reason , when you consume less calories following a Calorie deficit diet , your body compensates by Saving Energy and Making you to burn less of the calorie, which in turn , when followed for a long time ,reduces body metabolism. Further it leads to muscle loss as well.

Lifting Heavy
Lifting Heavy

The way out is to lift heavy and follow a Workout Routine, But all this should be Done under a Professional Guidance, physically present with you. It will help you prevent muscle mass loss in long term.

If you can’t go to a Gym, Do Different Body weight exercises Download a Home Workout App and use your body weight to build your body. Include Cardio in your routine.

Protein Consumption is very good for Weight loss. Protein is good for the muscle repair as well. The good thing about protein is, it helps in the process of burning more and more calories than normal and secondly it is a Good Source of Muscle Repair after a Heavy workout routine.

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Eliminate Sugary Drinks from your Diet. Our Brains cannot track the Sugary intake through Liquid properly hence increasing the risk of obesity . IT also Damages the Metabolism. Though Small amount of natural sugars are fine for the body.

As per the Carbs intake is considered , focus on low Carbs Diet, it will be beneficial. Eat Fiber rich Carbs Sources.

  • Drink More Water:

Try this technique , drink water before your meal and you will consume a less portion of your meal compared to what you used to consume normally.

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