Cardio and Benefits of Cardio Exercises

Cardio ,cardio ,cardio  we might have heard of cardio many times ,lets know about cardio and the benefits of doing cardio.

Cardio is an extremely essential activity, whether for weight loss or to  become a Fitter version of  yourself.

Introduction to Cardio

Cardio, aka cardiovascular, involves activities which lead to the increase in pumping of heart, high blood flow through the vessels. You involve the large muscles of your body during the cardio exercises, Due to which your heart rate increases and you breathe faster and faster. In the end we breathe more deeply which provides oxygen more efficiently and due to higher heart rate you’ll burn the most of the Fats and calories at that point of time.


When your oxygen intake is high, your respiratory system and heart delivers large amount of Oxygen throughout the body which makes you feel more energized.

Benefits of Cardio

There are only a few Exercises which you do for a few minutes and have so many benefits as Cardio and which also involves whole body movements.

Now let us know about the Benefits of regular Cardio Sessions:

  • Strengthens Heart and Muscles
  • Burns Excessive fat and Calories in low time period which helps in extreme weight loss.
  • Cardio also expands our lung capacity.
  • Doing Cardio exercise will increase you Cardiovascular Endurance and will release endorphins which will make you feel good.
  • Regular Cardio exercises reduces the risk of High cholesterol, High Blood pressure, Diabetes and Heart Diseases.
  • Improves Sex life and lowers Stress to a Great extent.
  • A person who does Cardio also sleeps better.

The Best benefit of Cardio is It Doesn’t consume a lot of time . A cardiovascular workout at home which spans only for 15-20 mins in a day will give you the above mentioned benefits. Doing little by little is better than doing nothing at all.

There is a Saying “ The Journey of a Thousand Miles starts with a Single Step” and it applies here also , You know you want to achieve big , don’t rush up all on a single day , give time .Good things take time but meanwhile don’t give up , make the Cardio routine as a habit.

Now let us discuss the,

Approach you are supposed to take towards Cardio:

This can be categorized into Beginner, Medium and Advanced levels.

If you are a,

Beginner and overweight

Start Slowly , if you are overweight as well ,start with walking for 20 mins on a Treadmill ,make it a habit for few days and then Gradually increase the pace , do Brisk walking ,if comfortable do jogging as well.

Make a Routine for 21 days , and for 21 days do it continuously non-stop for 15-20 mins a day and then as per the studies say ”It takes 21 days to make a new habit” you will be habituated.

Gradually add Step ups and Step downs and Other exercises . But As over weight don’t put much strain on the body, let the fat burn first.

Beginner and Normal

Then you have a different routine to follow, you got to put in the work, starting with day one, You have to do some body stretching in the beginning , then , you have to do

  •  Jump ropes for 30 secs + 15 secs Break
  •  Butt kicks  for 30 secs + 15 secs Break
  • Knee taps for 30 secs + 15 secs Break
  • Jumping jacks 30 Secs + 15 secs Break
  • Mountain climber 30 secs + 15 secs Break
  • Bicycle crunches 30 secs + 15 secs Break
  • Lying leg raises 30 secs + 15 secs Break
  • Burpees 6-8 times in a Set
Jump ropes
Jump ropes

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But keep in mind, before starting the set you have to do warm up(Body Stretching), Don’t Rush up .

Workout motivation : Workout Motivation Quotes

Medium level Cardiovascular Routine:

You have to do the same level of Cardio as mentioned in the above ,Beginner level, But you are supposed to increase the time you do the exercise for. Instead of 30 secs you have to do the above Cardio Exercises for 45-60 secs then take a break for 15 secs.

This will help a lot in your body transformation. Make sure to keep a track of your body image take a photo or a video to track your progress. This will help you.

Advanced Level Cardiovascular Routine :

People in this categories don’t need any introduction in this article. They know their body more than anybody else in this world. You are your own boss. Just put in the work everyday and the results will follow.

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