Conor Mcgregor Workout Program

Conor Mcgregor Workout Program is nothing less than one of the challenging Workout Routine. Conor McGregor is an Irish professional mixed martial artist and boxer . He consumes a lot of calories per day but he also knows how to burn them.

The training regime of Conor Mcgregor is intense and diverse and are ever- changing. Now in this article we will try to replicate the training of Conor.

First  let  us look at Conor body Stats:


Height : 5’9

Weight : 155 lbs (as on @UFC257)

  • The diet part is to be discussed later in the article but ,just to begin with diet , I would like to tell you that he eats clean , good quality meats , good quality greens and good quality carbohydrates.
  • Now lets look at the training part , firstly as most people follow a routine , it is not the case with Conor , he follows diverse training that target different muscle groups.
  • Conor gives time to recover as he thinks its extremely important to know when to stop training . He only mentioned in one interview that he lost a fight only because of overtraining.

Conor Mcgregor Workout Program


You might be wondering that how the Champion prepares for his next bout . His Workout program is constantly changing and is Extremely diverse. As most of the Athletes prefer to changes their workouts if not daily at least weekly, He believes in changing his workouts in a while. He also does HIIT and Endurance exercises. He is also a practitioner of Calisthenics.

As we have talked about Calisthenics , lets start with McGregor Calisthenics trainings along with Conor McGregor Workout program.


This training of Mcgregor is of three variations ,

Training 1:

  •  Second Hollow Hold -30
  •  Hanging Leg Raises -30
  •  Seated In & Outs
  • 60 Second Plank

Training 2:

  •  Sit Ups
  • 60 Second Plank
  •  Lying Leg Raises w/ Hip Thrust
  •  Superman Hold

Training 3:

  •  Side Plank Each Side
  •  Hanging Knee Raises w/ Twist
  •  V-Ups
  • 60 Second Plank

The Default no of reps for each of these exercises is 30 seconds.

Next Comes the Cardio and Endurance Training:

The Cardio and Endurance training is important for any UFC athletes. Without Endurance they cant even last for a Round thus Endurance becomes extremely important.

Cardio Training

In the Cardio Session the Jump ropes play a very important role. Including that, the Squats, Plank pushups, Plank Shoulder traps, plank push-ups and Sit ups plays an important role.

The Workout program also includes running this builds the endurance and good health.


Now lets Come to the kind of Warmup session which includes Stretching and Flexibility Exercises

  • Shoulder Rotations
  • Muay Thai Knees
  • Hip Circles
  • Leg Swings
  • Neck Bridge

Stretching Exercises

  • Sit-Through Abdominal Stretch
  • Sit-Back Shoulder Stretch
  • Lying Leg Stretch

Body Conditioning

  • Duck Walk (decreases knee pain)
  • Horse Walk (develops hip and groin strength)
  • Lizard Walk (improves hip mobility and core control)
  • Ostrich Walk (increases posterior-chain flexibility)


Push Pull Exercises for Body Skill Enhancement


  • When it comes to the Middle Back, the shoulders, biceps, triceps and the Abs, Muscle Pull-ups (Calisthenics) acts as a Good Advantage.
  • For the Trap and Biceps, Back the Pull-ups are a Good deal.
  • The hamstrings and the Glutes support the upper body and hence its good to provide a Stronger base so, Air squats for Both Hamstrings and Glutes.
  • Last but not the least, the Push-ups for the shoulder and Triceps.


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