Exercises for Diabetes and how to prevent Diabetes

Diabetes is a medical condition which is caused due to the insufficient production of insulin from the pancreas, your blood sugar levels are high compared to the normal sugar levels. In a normal body circumstances, the sugar levels in our body (blood) is controlled by the insulin produced by the pancreas. Insulin helps in lowering the Blood Glucose level.

So, in other words when the glucose levels in the body increases, the body produces insulin to lower the glucose levels.


There may be 2 reasons for the cause of Diabetes,

  1. Your body doesn’t make enough insulin
  2. Your body doesn’t make use of the insulin well.

Decreasing Diabetes Through Exercise :

Lets us  look at the ways from which you can decrease the blood sugar levels through Exercise.

Our body needs Glucose for energy to Exercise. When you exercise , muscles and liver releases the required glucose.

When You  Exercise, your body increases insulin sensitivity, What it means is that your Blood cells are better able to use the Available insulin produced by the pancreas  to absorb the Blood Sugar  to be used as energy.

Well medication and lifestyle changes plays an important role in diabetes management and un-monitored effects of diabetes results in increased risk of Cardiovascular Complications, renal, neural and Visual Disorders as well.

Exercise helps you in losing weight ,which leads to prevent Diabetes as Obese people are more likely to develop Diabetes.

Now before starting a Workout Routine, It is important to consult your Doctor, as doctor may recommend specific type of exercise for your Body.

Now let us take a look at some of the exercises which help in coping up with Diabetes.

Before beginning  to start a Workout Routine

I would like you to follow these points and then  proceed as this will help you in the activity.

  • Hydrate quite often during the exercise routine.
  • Stop your workouts ASAP if you experience a Sudden Pain.
  • Check your Sugar levels regularly and Do always carry some eatable in case your blood sugar levels drops low.
  • Let your workout buddies know that you are diabetic, this will make them aware of what to do if your blood sugar levels gets low. Have a Card or a tag which says you have diabetes.

Workout Routine

Brisk Walking:

Start your routine with Walking. Include it in your daily routine and walking is one of the most prescribed ways for people with diabetes.


Yoga :

Yoga is one of the beautiful ways in which you can reduce stress. Here is a article which discussing a similar topic and which need to be focused upon : Gym or Yoga? The better one

Swimming :

Swimming is very good cardiovascular sport to the body and swimming doesn’t put excess pressure on your body as well, when compared to Walking/jogging. It involves whole body involvement without much strain on joints and relaxing the whole body.

Plan for a Resistance or Weight Training Exercises :

Build some muscle mass , this will keep your blood sugar level to used in the glucose required for energy during these exercise. But one thing to keep in mind is Doctor consultation.

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 How to Prevent Diabetes

Type 2 Diabetes is a Medical Condition that effects millions of People worldwide.

Before  Diabetes ,there is a period where the blood sugar is high but not as high as Diabetes,That stage is called as Pre Diabetic stage.

Many People are at a Risk of Type 2 Diabetes. The Chances of getting it depends on a genes and lifestyle.

You have to take regular Body Checkups, it is estimated that around 70% of people with pre diabetes leads to type 2 Diabetes. Uncontrolled actions can lead to Blindness, Heart diseases , kidney failure and other health issues.

Factor such as genes cannot be changed , but  factors like lifestyle changes can be made so that you can reduce the risk of Diabetes.

Follow the below lifestyle Changes and you will benefit from the same

Workout Regularly

Exercise is always beneficial, performing a physical activity also helps prevent diabetes.

Exercise increases Insulin Sensitivity. Moderate exercises will increase the Insulin Sensitivity by 52% which is a very big no to take care of.

High intensity Exercise  rises the percentage to  (85%).

Now you know the importance of Exercise , IT plays a very big part in your life style.

Lose Weight

Obesity is also one of the Factor which plays a role. A Major group of people who are Diabetic are obese. The Pre Diabetic People Tend to carry more fat in the Mid-Section near the Belly Area.

Losing weight can help reduce the risk of higher blood Sugar.

Improve your Diet

Cut Sugar , cabs , fat from your diet consume less of Packed and processed food. In other words its better to have only those foods which were available 10,000 years ago.

Taking this 10,000 years ago point into consideration , all the junk and processed food disappears. It acts as a Filter. Ultimately all the food we eat is converted into Glucose in your body.

That Glucose helps in producing energy for Work, Excess of Glucose and less of work means insulin has to play its part properly. Failure of the above will lead to a higher level of Blood Sugar. So prevent it in the first Place and reduce the intake of More Food.

Drink Water:

Replace the Beverages which has high Sugar and other preservatives with water. Less intake of preservatives benefit your body. Studies suggest that increased Water consumption leads to Better Sugar Control and Better Insulin Response as well.

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