Gym or Yoga? The better one

It is quite common to get this question “Gym or Yoga?” .

When you are  joining a fitness class, else just curious to know which of the two will better for your body, which will give better results to your body , which will help in maintaining your body tone.

Each has its own benefits and it is unfair to say that one is better than the other; yoga has different fitness and health benefits. Doing yoga will increase in the flexibility, toning and strengthening. Meditation and breathing exercises are very beneficial to your health.

Stop Wishing Start doing.
Stop Wishing Start doing.

A Gym session makes you feel tired, hungry and dizzy for some time.

But yoga energizes your body and improves the digestion.

Yoga also doesn’t provide a cardiovascular benefit which is important in the human well being. It is a powerful way to relax. It helps in building more lean looking physique.

Fat loss and weight loss is not achieved as fast as it is achieved through Cardio it hugely helps in maintaining the BMI and Weight after the desired physique you want.

For an ideal result, you can combine 3-4 days of gym/cardio and the rest 2-3 days in practicing yoga do take out a day for rest also.

Twisting, stretching and folding during yoga practice improve the body blood circulation and flexibility. Gym is more focused on strengthening muscles.

Gym or Yoga( Self- improvement Vs Self-acceptance)

Workout at GYM deals with the self-improvement whereas the  yoga is about self-acceptance .

Many yoga studios don’t even have mirrors which helps in concentrating more on your body functioning .


Gym workout involves lifting heavy weights which will cause muscles to bulk up , whereas yoga relies on your entire body, your own body-weight is used as weights , no other equipment is required.

Yoga eases the pain as it involves slow stretching which keeps the muscles healthy and joints lubricated, whereas weights can cause strain and DOMS (muscles soreness).

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Doing Yoga helps you to concentrate on the breath. it helps in concentrating on your breathing which is quite clam and relaxing. Yoga is a good stress reliever.

One Good thing of Yoga above Gym is that irrespective of the age anybody can practice yoga.  Even a person with least disability can practice yoga and yoga can help in improvement in health too.

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  1. Gym is nothing but full body workout. It will strengthen your bones and muscles, it will give body fitness. It will improve your Annamaya kosha only
    Yoga is nothing but union of body, breath and mind. It will improve your Annamaya kosha, prana Maya kosha, and Mano Maya kosha also. It will reduce stress, anxiety. It will help to entering to spiritual path.
    P. Sasikala

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