How often should I train my Abs (six pack Abs Workout)?

Generally we get more curious about how often do we train our abs workout  when we are in a process to build a pair of well-toned six pack abs and in terms of an amateur mindset.

We think that doing abs exercises almost every day will help us boost the process of Abs Achievement.

That thinking about the daily abs workout process is wrong.

Abdominal muscles  is a very small muscle of our body.



Just like any other muscles of our body, even our abs need time to recover. If we overdo ab exercises, we will become more prone to plateau or we will cause an overuse injury.

Okie now, one thing to keep in mind, whenever you work out, you are challenging your muscles and are tearing and damaging you muscles.

That damage caused is however a good thing, because your brain signals that your muscles needs to rebuilt bigger and stronger.

So you should not over damage the muscles which may result in negative effect to our body.

Instead we can choose to include abs workout every alternative day and in the gap in between we can substitute cardio.

According to the American Council on Abs Workout/Exercise. Body fat should be 6 to 13 percent for men and 14 to 20 percent for women for you to see your abs if they are properly developed.

consistency is must , even thought i don’t recommend you doing Abs exercise everyday , but on the other alternate days we should make sure that we don’t skip the sessions.

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