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How To Gain Weight Faster and most Effective Way

Most of the people who land up to either are too obese or too skinny but it’s quite obvious that in both the cases you come here with a desire to have a good and masculine body than ever before. Both the cases have almost the same kind of effects on the body and are dangerous if the limit crosses. Let’s look at(i.e. how to gain weight quickly) and further look at the simple and working way to Gain Weight.

What does it mean to be skinny?  How do you recognize that you’re skinny?

So the answer to the above stream of questions depends on the Index called as the Body Mass Index.

So what is Body Mass Index?

The BMI, Mathematically is defined as the body mass divided by the square of the body height, and is universally expressed in unit of kg/m^2. Resulting the mass of a person in kilogram and the height in meters.

Now as the BMI index of the body is known/ or in this case calculated , Then a Person is said to be underweight if he is having a Body Mass Index( BMI) below 18.5, And this is estimated to be less than the body mass required for a minimal health of a human being .


Similarly if the BMI is above 25 it is considered to be slightly overweight and a BMI above 30 is obese.

You have reached this page, that definitely means that you guys are aware of the consequences of being underweight. But still I would like to remind you that, being underweight weaken your immune system, and increases the risk of infections and it may also cause fertility problem. After knowing about the drawback of underweighting only this article may have interested you.

So if you want to gain weight, it is very important to do it the right way. Eating unhealthy junk food, donuts and pizzas may help you to gain weight but will also do it the bad way in other words it will destroy health the same time.

Number one rule:

The Number one rule to Gain Weight is to be Calorie Surplus    

What does Calorie Surplus mean? It means that you should consume more calories than the body burns and requires.


The more good calories you consume, the better your body responds in terms of weight. So in continuation to that if you want to gain weight slowly, then aims for 400-500 calories more than you burn for the day.

If you want to gain weight at a faster pace, then aim for around 800-1000 calories more.

Increase the Protein consumption to Increase Muscle Mass and Gain Weight:

Protein is the single most important source to gain healthy weight.

If the Calories consumed are from a bad source, then the calories will end up in the body as Fat.

Muscle group
Muscle group

Protein is a rich source and it reduces the hunger significantly, hence making it difficult to consume more calories.

One should consume 1.5 to 2.2 grams of protein per kilogram of the body weight.

Eat from a Healthy source:

The Smart work is in eating food which is less in quantity and weight (Highly Dense Food in other words) but has more calories, this helps in 2 ways: Firstly, it keeps your tummy less filled so you can consume plenty of it and secondly, it has more calories.

Highly Dense Protein with High calorie:

Nuts: Almonds, peanuts, walnuts etc.

Dried Fruits:  Dried Fruits include Prunes, Dates, and Raisins etc.

Whole Grains: Whole grains like a bowl of brown rice and oats etc.

Fiber Rich Breakfast
Fiber Rich Breakfast

Meat/ Red Meat: Chicken, turkey, lamb, pork etc.

Bonus: Dark Chocolate, Peanut butter, Granola, Avocados are very good source of food.

Increasing the consumption of Carbs and Fat in Daily Diet for Weight Gain:

You cannot chew dry fruits all day and meet the requirements of body, it is important to add carbs and fat to your diet as well.

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Lifting Heavy for Gaining Weight , Strength and Muscle Mass:

Lifting heavy weights will not only help to put on body mass, but it will strengthen your body too. It makes sure that calories got to your muscles instead to add extra body fat.

Lifting Heavy
Lifting Heavy

The reason why you are not supposed to follow a cardio routine in the gym is because of the fact that it will shred you muscles instead of adding weight and mass to your body, so for some time, its rather to go for weight lifting.

Happy Lifting !!

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