How to get Six Pack Abs : The Abs Avenue Way

Everybody wants to get 6 Pack abs but only few are willing to put the work. So here is a article on How To Get Six Pack Abs.

Ab muscles are visible in the abdomen part of the people with huge muscles and low body fat. Muscular  packs are visible and are generally called as “four pack abs”, “six pack abs”, “eight packs abs ” or  “ten pack abs” depending on the visibility . Having tripped lean abs is the part of bodybuilding.

Abs : Also known as abdominal muscles.

Building our abs should be one of our top fitness goal, we can’t get 6 pack abs overnight. We can describe abs as a combination of 2 words: regular stomach exercises and a healthy diet plan.
A healthy diet plays an important role in this process.

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The purpose of this article is to help you figure out how often should you Train your abs for a Perfect Toned Abs.

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So here are the few ways to get ripped packs by Abs Avenue, this begins the journey in the making of perfect Six Pack Abs.

Do Cardio regularly:

  • Cardio is important part of abs creating process, cardio comes as a fitness booster.
  • Cardio, aka cardiovascular, involves activities which lead to the increase in pumping of heart, high blood flow through the vessels.
  • Perfect type of Cardio is to run, either on play-ground or on treadmill. The best is to opt for jogging and make it as a habit.
  • We can change our running practice, by practicing jogging for 2 minutes and then sprinting for next 2 minutes.


Abs Avenue: Cardio for Six Pack Abs

  • Cardio also involves doing Aerobatics and Zumba , if you don’t like running  join a zumba or aerobics class , this will help you in doing cardio indirectly.

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Do Abs Workout regularly


  • Above all, we should do crunches regularly without any day off, in the initial days of muscular abs building, we start doing by single set of 12 crunches and increase alternately by one crunch, every second day.


  • Crunches as Abs Workout
    Crunches as Abs Workout
  • Push to the extreme level and when you reach your extreme level stop and maintain that habit doing Crunches. Crunches will prove to be one of the best ab exercise.

Reverse Crunches

  • Follow the same routine for reverse crunches: reverse crunches are more important than the normal crunch ,and are equally effective Abs Workout.

Stay hydrated:

  • Take a high intake of Water, stay hydrated .If you don’t like drinking water often , try taking alternate liquids, drink fruit juice etc. Staying hydrated will bump up our metabolism, which helps in healthy tummy.

    water with kiwi , to stay hydrated during exercise.
    Stay hydrated for Six Pack

Abs are made in the Kitchen:

As said by some of the nutrition experts.

  • Above all our muscles are in high need of fuel so it is very much important to stick to a balanced healthy bodybuilding diet.
  • We should add plenty of lean protein sources in our diet. Protein plays the most important part in muscle building, we should choose low fat protein .Lean proteins include boneless, skinless poultry, dry fruits, groundnuts, fish and dairy products.

    Dry fruits for fuel
    Dry fruits for fuel
  • Lean protein also includes the intake of Whey protein.

Avoid Eating processed food

  • Furthermore If we want a good toned abs we should avoid eating processed food , chips, fried food , burger , cookies. As they are a big  no no in the process of How To Get 6 Pack Abs.

    Processed food should be avoided during six pack abs journey.
    Avoid Eating Processed Food during six packs abs journey

 Eating Post-Workout Carbohydrates

  • We wrongly believed that carbohydrates are bad for our body and  intake of carbohydrate will increase the fat content in our body. Eating too much of anything will add up in gaining weight.
  • We should add carbohydrates after heavy workout as a post workout meal , it will be beneficial.

    Post Workout Carbohydrate
    Potato as a Post Workout Carbohydrate
  • The carbohydrates taken post workout have a less chance of converting into body fat and are actually beneficial in the “How To Get Six Packs” journey.

The MOST IMPORTANT part OF Getting A Six Pack Journey is Consistency. So be consistent every single day.

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