Coffee in night shift

How to stay healthy during Night Shifts/Graveyard Shift:

Doing night shift is one of the toughest things in the IT career one have to experience I too went through the same phase ; it was interesting in the beginning but later after few months of the doing night shifts, my body started giving up. Night shift started effecting my Physical health as well as mental health it made me Exhausted.

It is so strange because we disturb our normal sleep cycle, and due to which our eating habits also changes.

It becomes very much challenging maintaining our body health. Good health is very important. We even gain our weight during night shifts, which sucks.

Problems (on health) faced due to night shifts:

  1. Unhealthy eating habits causes Gas in stomach: let it be a male or a female they both face it.
  2. Sleep gets disturbed due to various reasons; one of them is simply because the world works during day time.
Night shift causes Stress
  1. We start gaining weight because most of the time we are sitting in office or sleeping during daytime.
  2. Leave about 8 hours of continuous sleep, but getting 6 hours sleep is also doubtful.

How to deal with night shifts and the problems stated above:

1.Eating habits:

Eat good healthy food and healthy recipes. Don’t Consume heavy food during the night. Eat food in a small quantity spread evenly across the whole night shift.

Bodybuilding Diet Abs avenue
Bodybuilding Diet Abs avenue

As soon as you come in the morning after the shift, try to have healthy breakfast, this is important because if you miss it, you may wake up early due to hunger. Give a gap of 2 hours before you hit the sack.

The above can be more time consuming, instead eat easily digested food in the office @ 5:00 am and after you reach home you are ready to sleep.

2.Disturbed sleep:

The second point in the above can be avoided, by telling the people around you about your work schedule and informing them that it is your sleeping time after 7:00 am.

Dull due to lack of sleep
Dull due to lack of sleep

Whatever appointments you have, just consider it having @5:00 pm or after that.

3.Gaining weight:

Gaining weight is also a problem while living a healthy lifestyle during night shifts. Best way to prevent is by going to gym at whatever time you feel best to go.

Go for breaks frequently during the shift.  Consider taking 10 mins break every 90-mins , it will boost your mood too and this will help reduce stress too.

Coffee in night shift
Coffee in night shift

Consume foods which are rich in vitamins during the night duty.

Avoid eating foods which are deep fried and which are difficult to digest, eat as light as possible.

Intake Caffeine only while the initial stage of the shift, one should not consume caffeine, alcohol and Smoke before end of the shift. This will have a negative effect on our body and intake will also disturb the body sleep cycle.

4.Continual Sleep:

Best way to get continuous sleep is to follow a schedule, sleep around the same time every day so that the body slowly adjusts to the same sleeping cycle.

Don’t expose yourself to light (natural or artificial). Make sure the room you sleep in is dark and temperature is maintained properly.

Sleeping in the day in dark room
Sleeping in the day in dark room

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Note: as you are working in the night shift, you will miss out the sun rays (vitamin-d) .Consider getting exposed to the sun in the evening. (Even a few minutes will be quite helpful).

Follow the above steps and lead a healthy lifestyle.

One more thing, if you are working in a weekly rotational shift. Then nothing can be done , you got to find a new job because the present job may screw you up badly (physically and emotionally).










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