Importance of Warm up before a Workout Routine

I have to Stress enough about how  important it is to  Warm up before the beginning of a Workout Program.

Let me tell you my own Story, before joining a Workout Boot camp and knowing about the Diet and all. I never followed the discipline, my workouts were irregular, and the fun fact is like most of the people, I used to skip warm up. The result of that was quite visible; I used to work out for 1 day and the next day in Pain, Muscle Cramps (DOMS). That’s the main cause of irregular schedule which made me lazier day by day and I didn’t achieve what I was hoping for. That’s when I knew the importance of warm up before a Workout Program.

Warm up
Warm up

Most of the time people feel shot on time and feel tempted to skip a warm up and jump right into the workout. But as mentioned above, skipping warm up only increase the risk of injury.

What is a warm-up?

A warm-up is a small session which we generally do prior to doing physical activity; usually a warm-up will consist of stretches along with light cardiovascular exercises.

What happens when you warm up?

Warm up, gradually prepares your body for exercise by slowly increasing the heart rate and blood Circulation, which increase the blood flow inside muscles.

Stretching the muscles prepares the fibers for physical activity and prevents injuries.

How long should you warm up ?

Most warm up sessions last between 20 minutes and half an hour, this prepares the body to get ready. Similar like few old school vehicles which took some time to become hot during the cold winter day.

Benefits of Warm-up :

Here’s a look at the benefits of warming up before following a Workout Routine.

Lower The Risk of injury:

Warming up highly reduces the Risk of injury and helps in relaxing the muscles and prevents cramps.

Increase Blood Flow:

Having warm up session increases the blood flow and the blood flow helps in nourishment of the Muscles.

Increase Oxygen Efficiency :

When you warm up oxygen is released from the blood in our muscles, and during workout our muscles demand higher amounts of Oxygen, Thus enhancing the Experience.

Increase Flexibility :

Doing exercise in wrong posture is just simply waste of time, instead warm up increases the flexibility of the body , thus helping in improving the posture.

Less muscle tension and pain:

Warm up causes the muscles to become warm and relaxed which help to move more easily with less stiffness.

Warm-up Help you to mentally prepare for a Good Workout Session:

When you jump straight into exercise it might throw you off completely. If not today, someday you will feel like giving up. So preparing your mind for the day is also important.  After warming up you will be mentally prepared and a Combination of Mental and physical stability will help you a lot During a Workout Program.

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