Michael B Jordan Workout Program and Diet Plan

Michael Bakari Jordan was born on Feb 9, 1987. He is an American Actor and producer , Named as the 2020’s Sexiest Man Alive by People magazine. He is Known for his famous Roles in Drama Fuitvale Station, Creed and Black Panther. Surprisingly all the Three Films were directed by Ryan Coogler.

Michael B Jordan Body Measurements:

Height   : 1.83 m ( 5 feet 11 inches)

Weight  : 154 lbs in Pounds (70 kg in Kilograms)

Michael B Jordan Workout Program:

We Already Know that he is one of the Fittest actors in Hollywood. The Foundation for the Muscles was build during the Creed Days

During the Shooting of the Creed Movie. He was giving equal competition to Both Apollo and Rocky. The Muscles were a result of dedication and following of a Strict Diet Plan which was set by Personal Trainer Corey Calliet.

For Creed Jordan followed Cardio which includes one mile warm-up run on treadmill, Push –ups, Sit-ups, Dumbbell curls, Jump squats, Burpees and Boxing Training including Jump ropes. He pushed himself beyond the limits of an average man but he made sure that he gives recovery to the Muscle group time to time.

Let’s look at the Michael B jordan Workout program followed for the role in Black Panther. During the Training he relied on Weight Training, boxing style workouts.


Michael b Jordan
Michael b Jordan

Michael B Jordan Workout Program

Day 1  : On Day 1 he included the Upper Body ( Chest , Shoulders and Triceps)

The Exercises included 2, 3 – 4 sets (10-12) Inclined Bench Press, Weighted Chin ups and Weighted Dips, Triceps Extension , Standing and Machine Shoulder Press and  Dumbbell lateral  rises.

Day 2: ON Day 2 he included the lower body (Legs and Core)

The Exercises included 2,3 – 4 sets( 10 – 20) Barbell Back Squat, lunges , Leg Extension, Machine Calf Rises, Leg Curl , Seated Calf Rises.

Day 3 : Upper Body But  this time is was (Back And Biceps )

The Exercises included 3-4 sets(10-12 reps) of Arnold presses, Weighted pull ups, Biceps Curl, Hammer Curl, Lat Pull down.

Day 4 : On Day 4 he like to take a rest day But he would like to continue fitness so he does a bunch of Abs  Exercises  along with Sit ups,

 Day 5 : On Day Five he again goes to the Lower body .

The exercises includes, Deadlifts ( Sumo, Trap bar, Conventional, Bulgarian Split Squats, Leg Curl, Calf Rises, Leg Rises

Day 6 : On Day 6 he includes a Few pull and chest , shoulder  , Jump rope Exercises.

Day 7 Again Becomes optional similar to Day 4.

Along with the Above mentioned exercises he followed a good diet .

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Michael B Jordan Diet Plan  :

He ate 6 times a day , and Few of his meals included Calorie Surplus to gain muscle tissue. He took lean Proteins which help in building muscles along with rice and  fresh veggies.

Meal Breakup  ( 1 – 6 )

  1. Protein and Carbs; Which included 6 egg whites , 2 whole eggs and oats.
  2. Protein Shake and Carb ( Oats)
  3. In Meal Three he included green Veggies along with lean Protein and Carbs (Rice or Sweet Potato) .
  4. IN Meal 4 Again he included , Lean protein ( Chicken , Turkey or Fish) , along with carbs ( Rice/Potato).
  5. Protein Shake and Carbs.
  6. Lean Protein and Greenies.

One Day he will have as a Cheat day on which he eats as per his feeling.


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