Mother made Benjamin Carson to find his True potential.

This story is about a famous Neurosurgeon ,Author and Politician who was considered as the dumbest kid in his class.

Let’s take a look at his story and how he went ahead to become a successful and renowned neurosurgeon, author and a politician.

Benjamin Carson
Benjamin Carson

There was a little kid who used to study in fifth grade, and everyone in his class knows him as the dumbest kid of their class. He used to score so less in exams that he himself used to think that he is the dumbest person of his class.

The poor grades never bothered the child, even though he scored less in the exams “It really didn’t matter to him that much”.

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His Mother knew that her son was not showing his interest in studies, she know that her son had potential to score good in school.

As a result of that she framed 3 rules for her son.

  1. He would be allowed to watch only 2 pre- selected T.v Shows per week.
  2. To finish his homework before he can watch and T.V shows or play outside.
  3. And He has to read at least 2 books from the library and write a book report by the end of the particular week.

The poor kid lost courage and tired to convince his mother out of the rules , but his mother stayed firm . The kid couldn’t think of disobeying his mother so had to follow the above three rules.

One fine day he saw the fruit of his labor, when he was the only student in his class who knew the answer to a question which his teacher has asked.

All his classmates were surprised by his answer, as he was the lowest scorer of his class and how did he give answer to such a hard question

The kid was surprised and he realized that his knowledge came from the books he was reading form he library. He surmised for that if he could learn few facts from the books, he could learn anything.

The kid continued his studies and grew eventually and became a academic leader in his school.

Mother always knew his boy was capable and decided not to settle for less.  Boy who was thought to be the dumbest kid of 5th grade became a world famous surgeon.

The boy is none other than famous neurosurgeon Benjamin Carson.

Moral of the story::

Everyone has the Capability. One needs to Believe and Follow Disciplined way to utilize that capability fully.

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