Muscle groups to be trained together !

Which muscle group is to be trained together.

There is no rule that only these particular Muscle Groups should be trained  together in a Particular sequence or so. Different trainers may suggest different sequence for Weekly training your muscle group.

 Muscle group

Muscle group

Lets divide the muscle group in two groups only for our convenience :

  1. Bigger Muscle Group
  2. Smaller Muscle Group

The Bigger Muscle Group consists of the Chest , Back and the Hamstrings(Legs ).

The Smaller Muscle Groups Consists of the Biceps, Triceps, abs, Calves Shoulders.

After knowing about the about the Bigger and Smaller Muscle Groups it becomes a bit confusing on whether to combine the 2 muscle group and workout on the same in a days or follow a different strategy.

But I would like to give you guys the different plans based on the experience level.

The Beginner Level :

A beginner should not work directly on the bigger muscle group .He should always combine Bigger muscle group with the smaller one. It is because of the reason that assume if you combine Back exercise with the Chest exercise Or hamstring muscles, it requires too much of fuel which is not obtainable in the initial stages of body building.

You will get exhausted to the core and it will also drain your brain. So as a beginner a combination of both the Bigger and Smaller muscles will be great.

Muscle Group
Muscle Group

The following schedule can be followed ,

  • Shoulders, Chest and triceps as Push Workout ( Chest , shoulders and triceps )
  • Back and biceps as pull workouts (Back, Biceps and Abs)
  • Hamstrings (quads and calves )

This is good because , most of the fitness professionals including me suggests the “push-pull” methods.

On Push Days , you will have to focus on all the muscles used to push, i.e. Chest shoulders and triceps , consider this way , during the chest workout , the triceps get worked down by default . So  Why leave the triceps workout in the middle of the routine .

Add a few more reps of triceps and complete Triceps workout too.

Similarly on the other day concentrate on the Pull workouts. On the pull days focus on the pull muscles , The back and the biceps.

Then comes the leg day finally, Squats leg extensions and hamstring extensions can be done on this day.

Note : While following the above combination, the largest muscles must be trained first , doing small muscles will again make you tired first.

The Pro-level :

In pro level ,one believes in doing opposite muscle groups, A lot of muscle strength is required to follow so.

It will consists of doing Chest and Back on day one, Biceps and Triceps on day two and Shoulder and traps on the third day.

These exercises are very heavy and are  difficult to do.

Arnold followed the pro level workout working on the opposite muscle groups on the same day.

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