Pistol shooter who changed the history : Karoly takacs

This story is of best pistol shooter of the Hungarian army. All the national championship which happened in his country , he won them all. Everyone already believed that the Olympics which were about to take place in 1940 s , Karoly would win that easily.

Karoly trained very hard for many years and he had only a single dream’ that he wanted to make his hand the best shooting hand in the whole world and he succeeded in making his hand the best shooting hand.

Karoly Takacs shooting with left hand
Karoly Takacs shooting with left hand

Two years before the Olympics , in 1938 , there was an army camp going on and as Karoly was in the Hungarian army , he was also a part of the camp.

During the practice session , he went through an accident. The same hand with which he was about to win the 1940 Olympics Gold Medal was lost !!!!

A hand grenade exploded in his right hand. He lost his hand , the dream of becoming the best shooter in the whole world, shattered into pieces.

Big decision to make

At this time, he had 2 Options left :

  1. To keep the goal in his mind and think about not achieving it and staying depressed over the same for his whole life .


  1. The goal he had to keep it in mind and work on it with the same focus he had.

So he decided to focus. He decided that he will not focus on what he has lost( his right hand ) , he decided to focus on his left functioning hand.

Karoly didn’t lose hope, he was so much focused that he decided to begin practicing with the left hand. He never told about practicing to anybody.

The same hand with which he couldn’t even write !!!!

He stayed in the hospital for 2 months after the accident. And After one month after discharge from the hospital. He started practicing with his left hand.

After one year of training , in 1939 . A national championship was occurring in the Hungry. Many pistol shooters were also Present in the event . When the people in the event saw him , they met him , praised him about his bravery.

All the athletes went on to congratulate him and said that this is what true sportsman ship is all about. Even though he lost his right hand, he still turned up to the event to see the other pistol shooters participate and to inspire the other sportsmen.

Nobody never knew that Karoly was training with his left hand for the past one year.

He replied to the others that ‘ I didn’t come here to encourage or inspire you guys , I came here to take part in the Olympics. I came here to fight get ready !!.

All the Other shooters present at the event were competing with their best hand, but Karoly was competing with his only hand.

After the event , guess who won !! “The man with the only hand , karoly ”. but he didn’t stop there he knew his goal was clear , he knew that he wanted to make his hand the best hand in the whole world.

So he shifted all his focus towards 1940 Olympics. But unfortunately due to the outbreak of the World War 2 , the Olympics was cancelled. So he shifted all his focus towards the 1944 s Olympics.

But unfortunately, even the 1944 Olympics was cancelled due to the world war again.

So he shifted all his focus towards 1948 Olympics and he grew older. His age was 38 years.

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That year had a bunch of youngest and most talented shooters around the world. All those young players were competing with their best hand, but karoly was the one competing with his only (left) hand.

And guess what ? who won the 1948 Olympics Gold medal. “The Man with the Only Hand ,Karoly“

But then also he didn’t stop, Again in the 1952 Olympics , he again entered in the  competition and guess who won again “Karoly” . He changed the whole history of the Olympics.

In that particular Competition of pistol shooting, nobody ever won 2 consecutive gold medals in the consecutive Olympics.

Karoly Takacs was great.

Moral Of the story :

Go to a loser , he will give you thousands of reasons for not doing the task , but if you go to a winner even though he will have thousands of reasons coming his way and only one reason in favor of him , he will take that one reason and become a winner again.

“Never Give up , good things take time !!”






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