Plank Exercise: Cool Things to know

In an amateur bodybuilders mind, there definitely comes this question that what is the importance of plank in the body building process.  In the initial stages, plank is not even considered by us in the workout routine.
Let’s know about the benefits of doing plank exercise. How the plank exercise is properly done and what a wonderful part it plays in the abs workout.

Plank is a great exercise for strengthening our deep inner core, our abdominal muscle/abs and diaphragm.
Plank: Plank is a core strength exercise in which we maintain a position similar to doing pushup for the maximum possible time ,it is one of the good Core workout.

How to do a plank workout:

It generally begins with a pushup like posture in which we rest on our forearms instead of our palms. In this position most of the bodyweight is on our forearms, which makes this stomach workout effective.

There is no use of doing plank for even hours if the posture is not right. So maintain the required Posture:
While the body weight is on the shoulders, maintain the same width between the forearms like the shoulders, in such a way that it makes a 90 degree angle when viewed from the side.

Maintain a straight line from your head to toe, with your head facing the floor. Keep your head in such a way that you hold an imaginary ball between your chin and your chest.

After correction of the posture, now tighten your ab muscles. Experts say that due to the lesser blood flow during the high tension period, the growth factors remain in the muscle tissue for longer periods and stimulate the muscle growth.


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Benefits of doing a plank exercise:

One of the important benefit is stated in the paragraph just above.

  • Strengthens all the major core muscles:

while doing a plank all the major core muscles (abdomens, transverse abdomens, the external oblique muscle, and the glutes) are involved in the process.

The abdomens will help in performing better sports, especially the sports involving Jumping. Transverse abdomens will increase the ability to lift heavy weights; the strength oblique muscles will improve our capacity in bending and twisting workouts.

The gluteus will give a strong shape.This also reduces the Risk of back pain.

  • Improves metabolism:

Doing planks on a regular basis boosts metabolism. How does this happen?
The muscles which strengthen during this exercise on a daily basis will ensure that our body burns more energy even while sedentary. This is important for people working most of the time of on computers, sitting for a longer duration of time.

  • Improves flexibility and coordination:

While doing plank we stretches almost all posterior muscle groups like shoulders, shoulder blades and collarbone – and also stretching hamstrings , arches of feet and toes whose results is highly beneficial in the flexibility and the coordination process.

Having better balance while running/ jumping /walking requires better core strength that planking provides.


  • Improves posture:

As the position of planking involves our body to be straight, it helps in strengthening our back/core muscles, in the initial stages, we may experience some pain. But after some days of practice our body adapts the posture and a good posture improves productivity, makes us look better, healthier and more confident.

  • Improves mood:

How does it improve mood? Most of the time we spend in front of the computer doing work at office or on a sofa enjoying our favorite television show, during this time our body does a very little movement which makes our muscles stiff due to lack of physical activity.

Doing plank exercise,it stretches out muscles which contribute to stress and tension in the body. It also calms our brain.
With all the benefits of doing plank exercise, we should definitely do planks along with our daily workout.

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