Precautions to be followed at Gyms Post Covid

We are Surviving through a Pandemic. Who thought Covid would be this aggressive virus, which will caused a lot of trouble to our Human Race. But as the Time Passes, We Do Find cure as a result of Research and Development done by Scientists.

There are a Few vaccines which released as of today, which claim to be providing 90-94 % results in our favour,Thank God.

But in the past (nearly a year) creates a sense of doubt that, there will be many such diseases which will

be affecting us in the future as well .In such a case it is important to give preference to our health, improve our Immunity, eat well and Stay fit.

We stayed in home for months , working from home , avoiding social meetings , travelling very less , it creates a urgency to be desperate to get back to our daily routine as pre Covid. The whole year 2020 went in the Pandemic only.

We must maintain good health and we must give at least 30 minutes of our time in a day to exercise to keep the fitness up to the mark. This pandemic led to a new home work and fitness Revolution. We are working from and we are also doing our workout at home. It also became a way to create a good family bond.

Prevention is better than Cure

Most of us have even subscribed to a new fitness app. We also have a list of best free home workout fitness apps.

Preventions to be followed at Gym Post Covid:

  • Firstly, Cleaning and disinfecting policies are to be considered, The Gym surroundings, locker rooms and bathrooms should be maintained with proper hygiene at proper interval of time. If not then the management is to be informed regarding the same.


  • Ventilation at the Gym: Indoor gyms have become much of a danger now, Gyms with proper ventilation is to be considered, than Gyms located in the basements and indoor Spaces. Without proper ventilation, the area will be a breeding ground for Bacteria, virus and fungus of all kinds.


The Above two points are to be followed by you while choosing the gym post Pandemic.

Now, the safety measures which you have to take care are below:

  • Carry Your own Disinfectant wipes, Sanitizer sprays, towels, Clean the equipment before and after using. Bring your own resistance band and yoga mats.

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  • Although  though the Vaccines are made, but still these vaccines are not yet handy, so do maintain social distancing. But in Such case don’t forget to take assistance while lifting heavy sets at the gym.
Preventions at Gym Post Pandemic
Preventions at Gym Post Covid
  • IF you are not feeling well, consider not going out as this will also endanger others, ensure your safely. The gyms will have provided virtual classes, you may carry on with that on the days you aren’t feeling well.


  • Wearing mask at Gym!!
  • Wearing a mask reduces the ability to breathe comfortably.  In that case the better suggestion may be to find a breathable mask.

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