Pregnancy workout by Serena Williams

As we thought that Serena would take a break during her pregnancy.Serena Williams  made her way through the gym while having Baby in her toned abs .

She told that she didn’t think she would enjoy being pregnant as much as she did.

Serena williams Pregnancy
Serena williams Pregnancy

Pregnancy Cravings Serena followed

Serena Williams craved healthy veggies. During the initial days she didn’t have any cravings. But a little while later she realized that craving was required and she craved for Healthy veggies.

For a normal person it is difficult to crave on healthy leafy food ,as they normally prefer eating meat, eggs and stuff ,but Serena made it seems easy only because she has developed her eating habits much before her pregnancy.

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Serena Workout during pregnancy

Serena could follow her workout routine even when she was pregnant because she is an elite athlete.

It is most important to keep in mind that no matter how much your fit, you make sure that u consult your doctor before undergoing workout every week . Your doctor should be your best friend.

It is important to have a great night sleep , and before getting pregnant, body should be in good shape.


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