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Randy Keith Ortan ( born  1 April, 1980 , AKA The Viper) is a well known American professional WWE Wrestler and an Actor. He is the Youngest World Heavyweight Champion in the WWE history at the age of 33. Lets know more about Randy Orton Workout Routine.

He is also known as the Viper and demonstrates his quick wrestling skills due to his incredibly fit , athletic and sculpted body which helps him perform all the difficult stunts with looks easy.

For such a good body Randy Orton follows an intense workout routine and a proper Diet.

It is heard that orton doesn’t follows a Same workout Routine every time , he prefers to rotate exercises every three weeks or so.

He does 3 exercises per upper body muscle group and five for his legs.  As Far sets and Reps are considered , Orton does 3 to 5 sets per exercise: the first set acts as a warm up of that particular exercise and the the other 2 to 4 sets of 12-15 reps and then the final set goes till failure.

Randy Ortan Body Stats :

Orton Height : 6’5’’

Orton Weight : 235 lbs ( 113 Kg)

Randy Orton loves to workout in the Gym , he spends around 2 hours a day in the GYM , 5 days a Week.

He keeps on changing his exercise patterns so that his muscles don’t get flattened.

Shoulder Workout

Rare laterals315
Side laterals315
Arnold Presses312-15
Upright rows312-15

Tuesday : Chest workout

Exercise SetsReps
Pushups– for warmup
Inclined Barbell Bench Presses320
DB Bench presses45-6
Flat bench presses410-12
Cable crossovers312-15

Wednesday : Triceps and Biceps Workout

Close grip push-downs320
French curls312
Overhead triceps Extensions315
Alternating DB Curls38-10
Alternate DB hammer Curls35
Cable Curls38 reps
Barbell Curls388

Thursday : Back Workout

Workout SetsReps
Pull downs320
Pull ups1Upto failure
Lower back extensions315
Seated cable rows312
T-Bar rows312
Bent over Rows320

Friday : Legs Workout

Workout Sets Reps
Thigh extensions 4 15-20
Free squats 1 100
Straight leg deadlifts 4 10
Calf raises 10 10-15
Lunges 10 10-15

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