Belly fat : Why do most of the people have more fat in the belly area?

Most of the people around may have a good biceps and they might also have good looking chest but it is quite common that most people have belly. Ever wondered why most of us have more belly fat in the belly area, rather than fat distributed all over the body.

Excessive belly fat means that you are at a high risk of developing chronic disease. Men’s should not have a waist larger than 37 inches and women should not have a waist larger than 31.5 – 33 inches. More amount of belly fat correlates with risk of metabolic syndrome, cardiovascular disease, diabetes. Women are more likely to develop breast cancer or improper functioning of the Gall bladder.

So talking about the biological reason for the same, there are 2 kinds of fat.

  1. Subcutaneous Fat – Fat which is found under the skin and its function is to provide oxygen to the skin and the blood vessels.
  2. Visceral Fat – This Fat is a bit deeper fat and primary role is to act as a cushion for the vital organs like liver, pancreas intestine and stomach.

Talking about the hormones, generally the sex hormones, Testosterone and estrogen, they act as the biggest enhancers of fat storage. These are the main hormones which gives the gender its characteristics. When the bodies grows into an adult, women transforms wider hips and breasts and men puts on muscles and voice deepens . Biologically in the female bodies the fat stuffs in the thighs, butt and the stomach, where as in the mail bodies most of the part of the fat goes in the stomach area causing it to pound. This is also one of the reasons why the males suffer with more cardiovascular problems. It is true that the more the testosterone the more the male develops fat content in the body.

Here I mention some of the reasons which cause obesity and belly fat in our bodies.

Genes (Heredity)

Heredity  is something which we obtain form our parents, it is in our genetics. When we are born, some characteristics of our parents come in our chromosomes.
So chances are more to have a tummy if your family members also have a tummy and if the elder generations also have that, then the probability of getting those characteristics is more.


The simple human lifestyles consist of different four things eat, sleep, work, and repeat.
According to Health nutritionist, diet plays almost 80% roles in maintaining everything health, the rest 20% falls under the workout or sports activity we do in our day to day life. The food we consume in our day to day routine should have less fat content, carbohydrate and sugar. Even if we consume food with high carbohydrate content we should have them in less quantity. Belly area is the core of the body and it is the part which helps in digestion and the glucose generating area makes it more preferable to for the fat storage.


Stress is quite common these days, how does stress increase fat content?
While in stress, our body produces a hormone called as the cortisol hormone. The Good thing about cortisol hormone is it helps the mother during the development of the fetus.

If the content of cortisol hormone is high in the blood also known as the Cushing syndrome, it will make the individual experience rapid weight gain in the face, abdomen and the chest. The Cushing syndrome also causes a flushed face, High blood pressure, and changes in the skin and mood swings.


Deficiency of certain minerals like Calcium, Iron and Magnesium also adds up in the fat storage in the belly area.
Thyroid hormone deficiency causes the same fat growth in the belly area, especially in women.

Constipation Issues

Even the Constipation problem makes belly looks bigger. A proper diet is to be followed to avoid the gut issue. Eat food that boosts your metabolism and which are easy to digest.

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