Serena Williams fitness Diet plan

Serena follows a raw vegan diet plan, especially during the tennis sessions. Vegan diet because of her sister as she (Venus) was suffering from Sjogren’s syndrome, to feel better, Venus Williams completely went raw vegan diet she felt better so she continued and this allowed her get back to tennis. To support her sister (Venus) Serena also went to follow  Vegan Diet plans.

For the reason of following a healthy diet she takes her protein and nutrients in the form of nuts, beans, lentils, pulses and sprouted quinoa. However she also had her cheat days during which she would eat fried chicken, moon pies and grits.


Serena Williams Diet plan:

Breakfast: Breakfast consists of a cup of oats with tangerines, strawberries and almond toppings, plus metabolism boosting supplement.

Late morning snack:  Almond butter spread on Toasted Ezekiel Bread (Bread made from sprouted- seed flour).

Lunch: Salad with one cup Lettuce, one cup spinach, mandarin oranges, cherry tomatoes, lime juice, onions, pita croutons and few sliced almonds. Serena has admitted that she eats a Taco daily for lunch. If by chance if it isn’t in the menu then she prefers pizza and chips.

Dinner:  In Dinner Serena eats a cup of brown rice with Hemp and Chia seeds, salad with fresh veggies.

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