Swimming Benefits and Fitness

Swimming is one of the individual or team Sport (which consists of Team Racing ) and swimming require the entire use of our body to go through the water. It is one of the excellent ways to work our whole body and also improves our cardiovascular systems. This kind of sport takes place in the public swimming pools or Open Water (in Sea or Lake) . There are a number of Swimming Clubs which are near you which helps in knowing the extreme benefits of swimming.

You don’t need an Olympic size pool to learn swimming even the normal ones are enough, to learn swimming under the guidance of an expert swimmer.


Even the Olympics includes Swimming competitions ,competitive swimming is one of the most popular Olympic sport, it consists of varied distance events namely, butterfly , Backstroke, breaststroke, freestyle.

Swimming in Public pool
Swimming in Public pool

Some people do swimming for fitness, others do Swimming for weight loss and some do it only for fun. There are many national governing body for swimming in different countries, One of such national governing body is “Swim  England”  which is popular among the European Countries.

Competitive Swimming became Extremely popular in the 19th century with a simple goal to break personal or World records in beating competition.

To encourage swimming there are many officially recognized individual swimming events in the pool in the International Olympics. These events have regulations on what types of Swimsuits, Caps and jewelry can be worn in the competitions.

Open Water Swimming: 

There is an event called as the Open water swimming, which takes place in a body of open water (lake or Sea) for a distance of 5km, 10 km and 25 km events. But considering the Olympics, there is only the 10 km event included, for men as well as the women.

Swim Styles:

There are mainly 4 major styles of swimming which is also part of Competitions in the Olympics.

  • Butterfly
  • Back Stroke
  • Breast Stroke
  • Free Style

Sexy Swimwear:

There are many companies working to improve the quality of the Swimwear they manufacture such that it improves the speed and gives the extra speed advantage and coverage. There were rules also framed for the swimwear, as some of the materials used in the making are  more buoyant so ,such materials are banned.

Girl in Swimwear
Girl in Swimwear

Mostly, Professional swimmers use lasered suits over stitched suits as it creates drag. Swimmers also prefer wearing a cap made of Silicone or latex to reduce the drag caused by the hair.

Swimming goggles  keep the chlorine away from the eyes. It also prevents the glare at Outdoor pools.Girls also get curvy and prepared for Swimming in Swimsuits during the summer.

Swimming Benefits

Whole Body Involvement:

Swimming is a Low impact workout which works your entire body, from head to Toe. Swimming also increases the Heart rate without much stress on the body. Very good For muscle strength and builds body endurance and works on different Muscle groups. 


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Good For Heart  and Lungs :

Swimming makes you heart and lungs strong, and hence reducing the risk of Bad Health. It is a safer alternative workout for persons with muscle or joint injury.

Talking of the injury, swimming is also safe for people having disability and arthritis .

Helps manage Stress depression , anxiety and helps to boost mood as well.

Safer During Pregnancy:

Swimming is safe for pregnant women and their babies, it is very helpful for the baby’s health and brain development.

Benefits of Swimming for Weight loss:

Swimming also improves in Weight loss and is a safer alternative for the injured, people can exercise longer in water than on land, with minimal joint or muscle pain.

Improves your sleep:

Swimming helps to sleep better. Regular exercises boost the quality of sleep. The relaxation it provides plus the whole body workout is like a blessing one can get.

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