Ten tips for Effective Weight Loss in less time

One of the reason to land on this page would be being overweight. We are overweight and it is quite difficult to get back to shape we always desired to be. In order to be at the normal weight ,it is extremely important to consume less calories and burn more calories. So keeping that in mind , the following article will help you in Weight loss effectively.

1.Calorie Count for Weight loss:

The Calorie count should be kept in mind while planning for meals, the meals for the days are to be planned forehand, as it helps in proper calorie count. Try to follow a weekly schedule, which will also help while shopping for the products.


2.Eat at regular intervals for Weight loss:

Healthy eating habits are to be followed and food should be consumed at regular intervals of time, because this helps in burning calories at a faster rate.

3. Breakfast skipping:

It is a misconception that skipping the breakfast (or any meal) will help you to lose weight. But skipping the meals may end up in starving more food and as a result, we might end up eating more when we are hungry.

Eggs Protein
Eggs Protein

4.Fruits and veggies for Weight loss:

The reason for the same being to reduce the calorie consumption and make your stomach full with plenty of vitamins and minerals instead of Fat and Carbs.

Citrus Fruits
Citrus Fruits

5.Plenty of water to be consumed for weight loss:

It often happens that people always confuse thirst with hunger. Sometime it happens such that your body is in need of a glass of water, but brain interprets as body requires food and we end up eating inadequate quantity.

6.High Fiber food consumption for weight loss:

Food rich in fiber keeps you full, which is good for losing weight. There is a lot of Food which is a good source of fiber and is extremely healthy. Find 14 Fiber rich foods to eat healthy.

Whole Wheat Pasta
Whole Wheat Pasta

7.Grains Consumption:

Whole grains swapped with refined grains. Substitute white bread, cakes, and cookies with whole-wheat breads, brown rice, and popcorn as healthy snack.

8.Workout for weight loss:

Workout or exercise on a regularly to be  as active as much as possible. Don’t be a couch potato. Spend at least 45-60 min doing workout or exercise. What it does is, the exercise and workouts burns off the excess calories which can’t be burned by diet alone.


9.Plate Selection for weight loss:

This is based on the subconscious mind, using smaller plates helps in eating smaller portions. Gradually you will get used to eating smaller portions and the brain will assume that, the stomach is full.

Note: The Vice-versa is also true for becoming healthier or gain weight.

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10. Don’t Ban Foods you like:

Don’t ban the foods which you like, for the sake of weight loss. Banning the foods will only make you crave more and more for it, finally the result being eating more and more of it. But that shouldn’t be the case. Consume food on the cheat days and live a happy life.

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