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The Rock Workout Routine and Diet Plan:


The Rock workout routine starts at Morning 4 am, when almost all the other people are fast asleep. His beginnings are in the luxurious Landmark Ranch Estates which is west of Fort Lauderdale,Florida.

He does a Daily Morning Cardio as a morning ritual.

To achieve the Physique he has, he religiously sticks to a strict workout and a Diet Plan(Given Below).

One more thing about Rock is, he follows a different workout plan for the different roles he played in the movies.

The Rock Workout Routine :

Leg workout

Workout SetReps
Running / treadmill130 mins
Barbell Glute Bridge412
Singl- Leg Leg extention325
Walking  lnges324
Vertical Leg press320
Single-Leg lying leg curls415
Glute-ham Raises48-12 reps

  Back Workout

Running, Treadmill130 mins
Arm  Lat pulldown412
Bent over Barbell Row412
One Arm Dumbbell Row412
Barbell Deadlift312
Pull ups3To failure
Dumbbell shrug412
Inverted Row3To failure
Hyper Extensions412

 Shoulder Workout     

Running , treadmill130
Dumbbell Shoulder press412
Standing Military press412
Front Dumbbell raise412
Side Lateral Raise412
Reverse Machine Flyers415
Seated Bent-Over Rear Delt Rasie412

Arms and Abs workout

Workout SetsReps
Running , treadmill130 mins
Dumbbell Bicep Curl415
Hammer Curls415
Spider Curls4To Failure
Triceps Pushdown415
Overhead Triceps315
Hanging Leg Raise420
Rope Crunch420
Russian Twist420

Day 5 Workout is again Leg Workout

Chest Workout: Day 6          

Workout Set Reps
Running , treadmill 1 30 mins
Barbell Bench Press 4 12
Inclined Dumbbell Press 4 12
Dumbbell Bench Press 4 12
Flat Bench Cable Press 4 12
Inclined Hammer Curls 4 12
Chest Version Dips 4 To failure

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The Rock (Dwyane Johnson) Diet Plan

The Rock Follows a 5 meals a day in his Bodybuilding Diet plan, lifting heavy and hard is only half way ,the other way around is to consume right food in right quantity in your body.

Meal 1 :

Steak(10 oz) , Oatmeal(2 cups), egg whites(3) , eggs (1), Fruit juice ( Watermelon)1 glass.

Meal 2 :

Chicken , Veggies , broccoli , mushrooms and protein shake

Meal 3 :

Salmon, Asparagus, Broccoli, eggs and Rice medley.

Meal 4 :

Steak, Baked potato, Asparagus and Orange juice.

Meal 5 :

Casein Protein and Egg Whites (10).

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