The Undertaker Workout Routine.


Mark William Calaway (Born March 24, 1965), popularly known as The Undertaker, needs no introduction. He is a legend.Let us look at the legends Undertaker Workout routine.

Known as one of the greatest wrestlers of all time, Calaway began his career in wrestling in 1984, working under the various forms of World Class Championship Wrestling (WCCW) and other promotions.



Height  : In centimeters – 203 ( 2.03m/ 6 feet 8 inches )

Weight : in kilograms (138 kg /310 lbs)

Early life of The Undertaker :

Let me tell you something, The Undertaker was into sports from a very young age, but wrestling was not all, during his initial days, he used to play football and basketball.

He is good in playing basketball and  he got a scholarship for the same and was studying at Angelina College in Texas on a Basketball scholarship.

At starting of his career, He lost his first official match against Bruiser Brody. But winners are the once who are unstoppable, and The Undertaker is the best living example of the same.

He enrolled in Texas Wesleyan University in Fort Worth, Texas, Where he majored in sport management and played basketball for the Rams (1985-1986).

HE soon dropped out of university to focus on a career in sports, He wanted to play basketball professionally Overseas (Europe)before he decided to focus on professional wrestling.

A little Known Secret: The undertaker also served five long years in the United States Penitentiary, Atlanta for killing 2 men in a fight in a parking lot.

The Undertaker , re-introduced as the Master of Pain.

And During his debut, after five years in 1989, he looked more confident and fitter than ever. This made it quite obvious that he put the effort in training, last years.

Working with the WWE it is a known that these men are seriously strong in a lot of ways.

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Undertaker Workout routine:

  • The Undertaker used to have 2 cardio session days in a week and one rest day. Being a wrestler it is very important to have a core strength and good body balance.
  • To achieve a good body balance and great body strength Undertaker does a lot of Heavy weight Lifting.
  • He is seen weight lifting on many occasions and even his wife has shared videos of him doing the Heavyweights.
  • It is very less known About The Undertaker workout routine, but  undertaker does Heavy squats, quite often.

Body Specifications :

The undertaker have a flat tummy but the Abs are not visible in the undertakers body most of the times.The Undertaker needs and does a lot of muscle strength exercises to make sure he nails the best moves of the WWE  most effectively.

Once The Undertaker gave a surprise visit to The University of Texas Football team and gave  much required inspirational Talk. It was a rare out of character appearance.

During his talk he told how he almost skipped sports entertainment in favor of joining a basketball team abroad. He shared that he left the school midway to pursue a career in sports entertainment.

Which took him months of working as a bouncer and living in a truck to get his first break

finally he tells that his perseverance has paid off and he was at the right place at the right time.

He tells the Longhorns that “what boils down is the passion and the desire to be great, he also told that he used to workout so much that his heat rate would reach up to 180 during the middle of the Workout and Mark Calaway also told that you gotta workout when no one is watching”.

Presently the Undertaker is sharing the Bits and Pieces of his journey in a documentary named as “The Last Ride” on the WWE Network



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  1. I love the great wrestlers, Undertaker, Lesnar, reigns and Cena of course.
    I’ve never been strong or muscular. But, now as a homeless veteran, who’s always seeking more work , living in my van and no good food, has made me fatter than I’ve ever been and I have to start doing something soon that’s encouraging.
    I’m looking at the guys diets and hoping to work into a sound weight loss plan. Any tips?

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