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Modern Vegan Diet for perfect health

If we think that if we stop eating meat or properly follow a vegan diet we will not be able to build muscles, our thinking is wrong.

People these days have come to know the benefit of a vegan diet and are following that for health issues too. The demand for the plant based products has increased in the past years passed by. The energy levels after following the raw vegan diet are different compared to the Diet involving meat , Chicken ,turkey etc.

The diet for individual, depends on  whether the individual is following the particular diet for gaining or losing weight. Most of the Body building magazine states that one need to have 2 grams of protein per pound ( 450 grams) , for athletes who has a lean muscular body 0.7 to 1 gram of protein is optimal for increasing strength and size.

Vegan Diet Abs Avenue
Vegan Diet Abs Avenue

Reason for becoming a Vegan: I have heard people say that as they want to live a peaceful life they choose to be vegan, and they cannot be in peace when they have a steak/red meat or any other animal product as the animal died in extreme pain to end up there.

Nutrition is the most important part of muscle building equation. What goes in our tummies determine the gains we made from intense workouts in the gym .

Vegan Diets to be followed:


  • Breakfast may be saved as a follow up after morning workout however it is advised to have a backup smoothie made banana, almond milk or almond butter.
  • Vegan protein shake, with banana, natural almond butter or almond milk one can also mix berries, hemp seeds, pineapple or spinach as per their choice of consumption.
  • One can also have Oat meal and berries in their breakfast if they are not in a mood to consume the Smoothie.
  • Gluten-free vegan protein waffles is also good for a change. But it should be consumed less frequently.


  • Mid-morning one should consider having salads or fruit bowl , with added mix of their favorite fruit.
  • Bowl of lentil soup and raisins are also a good choice.


  • For lunch one can prefer burrito bowl , veggie burger , kale salad with handful of pumpkin seeds, mixed beans and sprouts.
  • For a change u can also have brown rice with beans , tofu , roasted sweet potatoes, green leafy vegetables and salsa.
  • Veggies and Fruits are a great add-on anytime in the diet.

Post-Workout Meal

  • After workout, it becomes quite important to have proper mix of protein, carbs and fat for recovery of the muscle.
  • Lentils, tofu on top of rice, sweet potato or pasta. Steamed green vegetables and salads are also a good combination.
  • Edamame and quinoa wrap is also a good choice for post workout meal.


  •  Veggie burrito with quinoa, beans and avocado, salad and vegan protein shake with fruits and nuts.

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