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Virat Kohli Diet – “I felt like eating the bed sheet”

Kohli’s diet

Virat kohli on being a Sports man keeps an eye on his diet and his Fitness Regime. Those who prefer to stay fit surely follow a good healthy diet. Kohli told in an interview, that he” I haven’t had butter chicken and naan in the last four years “.

Virat added that for the first 2 months of following a proper diet, while going to sleep, he felt like eating the bed sheet, because he felt so hungry but soon he found out the result and he felt the energy.

Spinach-virat-kohli diet by abs avenue
Spinach-virat-kohli diet by abs avenue

Kohli stated that his trainings were horrible and he had so badly, and he is thankful about it that he has changed his appetite.

Virat mentioned that he was 11 t/ 12 kgs heavier than what he is now. He believes in eating the quantity that his body can digest easily, prefers wheat crackers or Fried Chips .

Virat kohli is a big-time foodie and he likes to check out new cuisine, wherever he goes he has agreed in interviews that he cannot resist food. He is a great fan of seafood and prefers eating seafood in the dinner.

Breakfast :

In one of the Chat show, kohli revealed that his breakfast is set.

virat  eats an omelet , with 3 egg whites , one whole egg, spinach with black pepper and cheese(optional).

Kohli eats papaya/dragon fruit or watermelon based on their availability.

He carries his own butter and gluten-free bread from the hotels.

He also adds a big pot of green tea with lemon, and in a day he drinks 3-4 cups of green tea.

Lunch Diet:

Kohli’s main meals during the day comprises of lean proteins and leafy vegetables, he said that he increases the intake of red meat if needs to build the muscles.

He enjoys chicken plus spinach for lunch. He regularly consumes fish oil capsules along with his meals which are a source of Healthy fats.

Virat kohli Diet -Cheat Meal :

Just like any other fitness person , he too have the Cheat meal days , but he knows where the threshold is and also makes sure that he burns out all the extra calorie the next day in the Gym.

For his cheat meal, he has his favorite Chole Bhature that too at a specific area called Rajori Garden. He make sure that he take carbs from good sources. He sometimes prefer mashed potatoes too.

virat-kohli on ground.
Virat kohli during match

During the Game time, he has protein shake with carbs.He Says “I always carry a packet of healthy snacks or a box of nuts with me at all times.Often, I munch on wheat crackers and wheat thins, which come in small and convenient-sized packets for you to slip into your handbag.”

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Drinking Water:

Virat only drinks bottled mineral water to ensure that he is not a victim of water-borne diseases. It has been said that he only drinks mineral water of Evian Brand imported from France.


Dinner time, he tries to eat as light as possible.

It is after following these many diets and efforts it makes him one of the fittest player in the industry and makes him so good looking.

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