Virat Kohli fitness plan

Indian Team Captain Virat kohli, Virat is a Famous cricketer with brilliant performance in all 3 formats of cricket. Let’s now look at Virat Kohli Fitness Plan.

Being fit should not be a choice, it is a necessity.

Virat kohli Fitness on Field

Virat Kohli Height(approx.) ::  In centimeters -175 cm(1.75 m/ 5 feet’ 9”inches)

Virat Kohli weight(approx.) :: In Kgs – 70 kg (154 pounds)


Talking of Virat kohli, he was a chubby kid, he decided to get well toned after he had great tours in Australia.Getting on top of the game is a difficult task, but you know what’s more difficult ? Maintaining the position on the top.

As a Cricketer he already had a tight practice schedule. He once told that his training was horrible ,he woke up till late night wasn’t that diet conscious, and had a drink or two regularly.

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Fitness plan started, when one day Virat came out of shower and concluded that this is not how a professional cricketer looks.

After that, he changed the way he trained, he changed the eating habits.

The Virat Kohli Fitness plan begins

Virat kohli Workout Routine

  • Kohli Stated that whenever he is in home, he works out five days a week and works out for at least 2 hours, even when he is on tour he tries to take out time for exercise no matter how busy, it is a part of his fitness plan.
  • On season, he takes around Hour and a half for workout in GYM, and off Season he works out for 5 hours in a day (that usually happens when he clubs two gym sessions at once)that his fitness regime.
  • Off season he works out on building muscle mass.
    His workout routine consists of a combination of weights and cardio exercises.Fitness Coach Shankar Basu introduced Virat to Weight Lifting .
  • Shankar basu introduced him to Weight lifting. kohli didn’t do much for upper body , he focused more on the leg workout for more power. He used to do around 100 squats in a session.
  • He uses a High- tech gadget while using the treadmill, while doing this fitness activity he is often seeing a High-altitude mask.
  • While doing on Season workout, his main focus is on increasing the stamina and energy levels and wearing the high-altitude mask helps in improving the stamina.
  • There is one more hi-tech equipment that kohli uses , it is a Tecnoshaper which is for abdominals.  Technoshaper helps in fat loss across the belly area.
  • Virat kolhi often  does cardio or running on the treadmill or doing back exercise.
  • He gives a lot of preference to doing the back exercise,he is often seeing lifting heavy weight . He is often seeing doing barbell Dead lift. maybe that’s the way he strengthen his back.
  • Now Comes the end to the topic “Virat Kohli Fitness Plan”.

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