Why do I get Pain after workout: (DOMS) ?

No Pain NO Gain!!!

It is the indicator of muscle growth.

It was very much painful; I couldn’t sit or stand properly. It was paining too much, soon i realized that the physical state of my body was called as DOMS.

I felt like not going to gym for a week or so, because I would recover in the time gap. Was I right about my thinking? Did I overdo my exercise?  What does experts/ experienced bodybuilders have to say about this? What was the cause of this kind of soreness? Many questions popped up.

Regardless of your experience in the fitness industry. One always suffers from pain/cramps/sore muscles if he does exercise at higher pace than usual.


But the pain should not demotivate us. The pain is a good indication that our fitness levels are improving.

Why do I suffer from pain after exercising?

  • Pain in muscles after a physical activity is known as Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS).

When does DOMS occur?

  • DOMS can occur when you start a new fitness program or change your fitness routine, or increase the duration/intensity if your regular workout.
  • When you work out at a higher pace that usual, the muscles gets torn in a microscopic level which mostly affects the muscle fiber, resulting in muscle soreness or pain.
Woman Workout_AbsAvenue
Woman Workout_AbsAvenue

Is DOMS caused due to formation of lactic acid?

  • DOMS is often mistakenly believed to be caused by formation of lactic acid in the muscles tissue, but the lactic acid isn’t involved.

How much time to recover from DOMS?

  • DOMS can last from 3 to 5 days; it can even take a week to recover from pain.

Who are affected by DOMS?

  • Anybody can be affected by Muscular cramps, Doesn’t matter from how long he is doing workout.
  • It is quite common for people starting new but after a few days they will get used to it and the pain will gradually decrease.
  • The muscles will get used to the physical demands of the body.

How do I prevent DOMS?

  • Warm-up before any exercise – One of the best ways to Prevent Muscular Cramps is to start any activity gradually and slowly.
  • Starting it slowly and gradually will allow the muscle to adapt to the new movements of the body.
  • It is not necessary that you may not get Muscular Cramps if you warm up before exercise.

Shall I continue with Muscular pain?

  • Depends on the pain one is going through. If it is a minor pain then one can do the regular exercises.
  • But if the pain is major, make sure to take rest and go only when the pain is minimal.

How to get rid of Muscle Pain/DOMS/Soreness/Muscular Cramps?

  1. Warm Water: A Warm Bath will be good relief for DOMS.
  2. Massage: Get a massage with warm oil if possible and take a warm water bath followed by massage.
  • Ice pack: the Swelled up muscle feels warm so wrapping it with warm and thin towel will be good.
  • Warm-Up before exercise.
  • Don’t involve in intense exercise in the initial stages only. Increase your workout rhythm gradually.



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