20 July 2024

How many calories should you burn in a workout?


If you are trying to lose weight or you are simply working out to stay healthy one of the common things you do is to burn Calories. How many calories to burn highly depends on the goals you have set and where you want to reach in your fitness journey.

  Most people get motivated when the goals are set to work towards. People use Fitness trackers and heart rate monitors which help us track how many calories they have burned.

So those who are following a fitness tracker generally define a workout by the number of calories they have burned, linking Workouts with calories.

 After Doing workouts for years, I realized that no matter what your fitness goals are, Workouts and exercise can help you get there and Keeping track will Keep you motivated.


Now how to Track burning Calories?

Fitness trackers like Fitbit, Apple watch and even the trackers present on the Gym Machines tells you about the Calorie burned during the workout. It is based on your heart rate and the other personal information like age, weight, and sex which are entered into the Device.

These trackers are not perfectly accurate but helps you the manage at least. The Trackers works on many factors but one of them is the heart rate zone which ranges between 60-100 bpm and asper your heart rate zone, you are supposed to Workout.

If your Aim is to maintain your weight that , the goal is simple , you don’t have to workout soo much.

Aiming for around 30-45 mins of workout per day is enough.

But when its comes to most of the people , its about loosing weight. So lets look at how many calories deficit you are supposed to be to loose weight.

The Simple way

To keep it simple, you just have to be calorie deficit, meaning that You have to burn more calories than what you take in.

This will also involve the calorie which are burnt during rest of the day doing the days activities. 

What is Calorie Burn?

When we exercise, the body require energy and the energy is obtained from Glycogen Which is stored in our muscles. Our aim becomes to make the body use the Fat to convert into Energy.

And since We got to Keep a Count on calories, I will suggest to Consult with a Dietician or a Nutritionist as he/she will be able to tell you the body needs.

People keep general rule to burn around 400-500 calories a day, for 5 days a week of training.

What is the fastest way to burn more Calories?

Cardiovascular exercise is the fastest way to burn more calories in a Small amount of time.