20 July 2024


IF Someone ask me the Question that what is the Best time to Exercise, I would rather say that depends on your Comfort. It Depends on you when you want to be extremely uncomfortable by putting your body in the Physical Work.  I have Seen many people in the Fitness industry Working on their Flexible time.

They join Bootcamps, workout from home during Covid times what is the one thing, which is most important? The extremely important thing is to workout consistently and make working out a habit. As Habit is the only thing which will provide you with the desired results.

Now when it comes to Weight loss, and the Time which is best for loosing much weight. My recommendation would be to workout in the mornings. As this article is about weight loss, then it is always better to start the Journey of Weight loss in an empty stomach.


Logic behind working out in the mornings:

AS the Extremely important aim is to lose weight, Doing Exercise in the morning needs Calories to be burned which in turn will give you the required Energy to do the workout.

How will the body burn Calories when you have not eaten from the past 10-12 hours (as you were Sleeping)?

That’s right, the body will be dependent on the Fat which is already present in the body, it will burn the Fat and thus acting as a weight loss secret. So, this is generally what I would follow when I want to lose my weight.

Starting your day Early will add extra hours and you get done with your workout even before the day starts. Exercising during the morning will also improve metabolism.

Evening Exercise

If you are not an early bird, then you can prefer to do the exercises in the evenings as well, but you have to make sure that it completes before four hours of bedtime as workout before sleep will increase uneasiness while sleeping.

Advantages of Exercising in the morning:

  • Promotes Fat burning as we need some calories to be burned for energy and our bodies are at a calorie deficit stage.
  • Good for metabolism and promotes burning more calories during the day.
  • Morning workout improve the energy levels, Mental Sharpness and be more consistent throughout the rest of our day.

Now Looking at the Advantages of Evening Exercise:

  • Muscles are warm and flexible as for most of us the body temperature and hormone levels peak.
  • Late evening workout can also de-stress us and help us to turn off our brains after a day of work.
  • Exercising in at the late evening will also make us relaxed and tired, sometimes results in a Better night sleep. The important point to be followed, is to avoid Exercising just before Sleep time.